With USB now a standard interface on PC's, and traditional RS-232 serial ports being phased out, many peripherals and embedded systems can be enhanced by the addition of USB.

Devices such as those from Prolific and FTDI provide a low-cost route to adding USB to an embedded microprocessor. The Prolific PL2303 gives a straight-forward serial-to-USB interface for low/medium data rates, whilst the parallel interface of the FTDI FT245 can allow for higher rates. 
Increasingly, ICs are also becoming available with built-in USB interfaces such as from Microchip and Cypress, and those designed for use in products suchs as MP3 players may also incorporate USB.

LN Systems have developed many USB devices using a range of interface devices, and our experience and capabilities include:

  • Peripheral design using off-the-shelf USB interfacing solutions such as standard RS-232 converters and microprocessor-based interfaces.
  • Data rates from low rate RS-232 through to USB2 high speed interfaces (such as MPEG data) using isochronous and bulk transfer methods.
  • Driver development for custom devices and USB interfaces as well as the use of standard HID drivers.
  • Selective Suspend and Remote Wakeup functionality.
  • Driver- and bus-level debugging, including detailed USB transaction analysis.

LN Systems has a Vendor ID assigned by the USB Implementers Forum, and can provide Vendor and Product ID for client projects