The JFP-201 Programmer provides a robust hands-free method for in-circuit programming of NXP (Jennic) JN51xx modules, without the use of additional jumpers or push-buttons on the target hardware and where necessary also powering the target.
The JFP-201 is equally suited to both development and production environments, and is the only solution on the market with the ability to programme eFuse memory.

Connection to the host PC is via USB, with a fully-featured Windows application supporting firmware programming, download/execute from RAM, save/restore of non-application sectors (e.g. sector 3 on JN5139), and MAC address and ZigBee license programming.
The standard connection is to a compact 10-pin connector on the target hardware, allowing the JFP-201 to control the full programming procedure and optionally supply power (2.7/3.0/3.3V at up to 200mA). Adapters are available for use with NXP Evaluation Kits (and mezzanine boards).
The JFP-201 can also be used with target hardware which utilises manual reset and 'programme mode' push buttons.


Support for the JFP-201 is achieved by incorporating a 10-pin connection into the system design. In addition to power supplies, the only connections needing to be provided by the target system are UART TxD/RxD, MISO, Reset and Voltage Regulator control (optional). The JFP-201 can supply target power itself; alternatively it can sense that the target is already powered and allow that supply to be used.

A guide to designing target systems to support the JFP-201 Programmer is available - please register on our website and click here to request access.

Production Programming / Test

The hands-free nature of the JFP-201 makes it equally applicable to a production environment, for both firmware programming and manufacturing test.
A production programming application is available, which allows the necessary programming steps and settings to be loaded from a configuration file and for the sequence to be initiated with a single click.

To further automate the process, an additional interface to the JFP-201 allows external equipment to initiate the programming sequence (and be informed of pass/fail on completion). The PC software operates in an unattended mode under the control of the JFP-201, thus reducing the amount of operator involvement required. Initiation via barcode scanning is also supported.

Integrated as part of the production programming operation, the JFP-201 can download and execute functional test software on the target, including logging of test results. This software would typically 'self-test', but the programming API also supports manual testing (where an operator is required to perform an action and/or verify correct behaviour of the target).

Configurable pre- and post-programming steps allow additional operations to be included in the production sequence, such as integration into process tracking systems or programming/configuration of other devices on the target. Label printing (e.g. of MAC address) can also be incorporated.

Future software options will include the ability to securely programme the encryption key into the JFP-201 itself (providing a secure environment for offshore programming).

eFuse/Encryption Support

The JFP-201 supports programming of 'eFuse' memory* on the JN5139/48, which allows the firmware to be encrypted and thus secured from intrusion or cloning. (For further information please refer to NXP documentation). In this mode the target's power supply is disabled and it is powered instead from the JFP-201's own internal supply, which is designed specifically to meet the requirements of eFuse programming. The PC application can accept pre-encrypted firmware images, or can perform the encryption on-the-fly. 
Programming of eFuse memory also allows configuration of the JN5148 brown-out detector.

subject to suitable circuit design and layout

Rapid Debugging Cycle

The programming software also supports download to RAM, providing a developer with a more rapid debugging cycle. The JFP-201 incorporates a USB-to-serial interface to the JN51xx, suitable for debug use in conjunction with a suitable terminal application.

Application screen-shot

Application screen-shot

Support collaterals and software user guides are available for download to registered users - please register on this site and click here to request access to this information.

LN Systems have a proven history of product development using NXP JN51xx modules in a wide range of applications ranging from consumer to industrial. We are an accredited JADE partner with experience of ultra low-power hardware and software design at the 802.15.4 MAC protocol level as well as via the Jenie/JenNet network stack. Our expertise also encompasses the ZigBee/ZigBee PRO standard.