A significant issue in the deployment of medium- to large-scale wireless networks is the positioning of router nodes, in suitable locations and in appropriate numbers, to ensure good system connectivity at all times. Poor locations and/or insufficient routers can result in bottle-necks or weak points (e.g. single points of failure) in the network; whilst too many routers may impact on network throughput as a result of excessive management traffic.

LN Systems' innovative Network Topology Monitoring library (NTMon), designed for systems using NXP's JenNet/Jenie protocol stack, provides a powerful yet unobtrusive means to assess actual and potential links between nodes, thus aiding both long term monitoring of network connectivity as well as pre-installation site survey.
NTMon operates in the background across the whole network and not only monitors and reports the active JenNet routes and network topology, but uniquely also gathers link quality data for all nearby nodes even if they are not actual child/parent nodes.

Collation and analysis of the NTMon data can be performed by the co-ordinator or by a remote node. A remote collator can be configured to just passively gather this data, or to also participate itself as a network router. Thus during a site survey it be used as a 'trial router', in order to evaluate the positioning a router in a particular location - where a weak point exists in the network, NTMon allows the installer to determine the most effective position for an alternate or additional router.

With both network stacks being based on IEEE 802.15.4, a JenNet-based site survey toolkit incorporating NTMon is also applicable to deployment of ZigBee systems.

NTMon is easily incorporated into JenNet JN5139/48 applications, requiring only 5KB of memory. Configuration parameters allow its operation to be tailored to co-exist seamlessly with the system's network protocol.

The NTMon library and support collaterals are available for royalty-free licensing. A time-limited version is available for evaluation, including an example collator application for Jennic evaluation boards (or similar hardware) together with PC analysis application. For further information, please contact us.


LN Systems have a proven history of product development using NXP JN51xx modules in a wide range of applications ranging from consumer to industrial. We are an accredited JADE partner with experience of ultra low-power hardware and software design at the 802.15.4 MAC protocol level as well as via the Jenie/JenNet network stack. Our expertise also encompasses the ZigBee/ZigBee PRO standard