The WMR-0x1-J is a wall-mountable IEEE802.15.4/ZigBee router with an external antenna, available in mains-powered (WMR-011-J) and 12-24V ac/dc (WMR-021-J) variants.
The PTR-011-J is housed in a compact 'mains brick' enclosure for plugging into a domestic (UK or European) mains outlet, together with an internal antenna.


Based on the NXP (Jennic) JN5148 wireless transceiver, the WMR-0x1-J and PTR-011-J are suitable for a wide range of IEEE802.15.4-based applications including ZigBee/ZigBee PRO as well as NXP's own JenNet and JenNet-IP protocol stacks.

LN Systems have developed generic router applications which can be configured to suit the particular system they are deployed into.
Alternatively, customer-specific applications can be programmed into the unit. A support library is provided for use of the integrated peripherals by customer applications.

JenNet-IP Router

A generic router application is available to provide greater range and coverage to JenNet-IP networks. The firmware supports the NXP common MIB's - including security and over-network-download - as well as allowing access to the unit's on-board peripherals.

JenNet Router

LN Systems' generic JenNet router firmware can be deployed in most existing networks to provide greater network range and coverage.

The router s network parameters can be configured either at time of manufacture or via a built-in over-air commissioning mode. This configuration not only allows the basic network parameters (e.g. Network Application ID, timeout values, encryption key) to be set, but also the full set of advanced JenNet/Jenie configuration parameters. (See JN-UG-3041 for further detail).

The JenNet router can optionally incorporate LN Systems' innovative topology monitoring library, for advanced monitoring and analysis of network connectivity.


As standard (excluding JenNet-IP router application), the routers are supplied programmed with a secondary bootloader. This has the ability to boot from multiple images (automatically or under application control) and includes the capability for over-air programming of application firmware, including 'last good image' fall-back should the new firmware fail to function correctly.

Full supporting documentation is provided to allow application firmware to be integrated with the bootloader operation, together with a PC application for firmware downloads using general JN51xx hardware (such as the NXP Evaluation Kits).

Custom Options

The standard units are supplied programmed with the secondary bootloader and generic JenNet router application. Custom options include:

  • JenNet-IP router application.
  • Programming of customer network configuration (JenNet router).
  • Programming of customer application (with or without secondary bootloader).
  • Programming of 'eFuse' security key (customer application).
  • Internal temperature sensor.
  • 4Mbit Flash (instead of EEPROM).
  • Manufacturing/OEM licenses.

Future Options

  • ZigBee PRO Router application.

LN Systems have a proven history of product development using Jennic JN51xx modules in a wide range of applications ranging from consumer to industrial. We are an accredited JADE partner with experience of ultra low-power hardware and software design at the 802.15.4 MAC protocol level as well as via the Jenie/JenNet network stack. Our expertise also encompasses the ZigBee/ZigBee PRO standard.