The WG-10x-J products provide an easy-to-use interface to an NXP high-power JN5148 via a USB or Ethernet/IP connection to the JN5148 UART, with an external SMA antenna. The WG-10x-J is ideal for use as a PAN co-ordinator, though equally capable as a router, where access to the serial interface is needed.
Wall and DIN rail mounting options, as well as a wide power supply range, allow for easy deployment in most environments.


All WG-10x-J variants feature a USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) interface, which can power the unit and provides access to both JN5148 UARTs; these can be used by the application firmware and also allow for firmware programming.


The Ethernet interface (not available on WG-100-J) supports 10/100Mbps operation and DHCP/Static IP addressing, and requires no IP/Ethernet-aware firmware on the JN5148 thus maximising the memory available for the application and speeding application development.

When using this interface the unit is powered by an external 12-24Vac/dc supply.

Telnet or SSH/SSL* protocols, both client and server, can be used to communicate with the JN5148. The SSH/SSL protocols support a comprehensive set of security and authentication methods.

Windows drivers are also available to provide COM port redirection over the Ethernet interface.

Management of the interface is available via a built-in web server or a Telnet/SSH command-line interface. (For added security in deployed systems, these functions can be password-protected or disabled completely).

Further information on the configuration and usage options for the Ethernet interface can be found here (links to external site).

* The SSH/SSL secure protocols are available only on the WG-101-J. For applications not requiring this level of security, the lower-cost WG-102-J is available.


The WG-10x-J range supports most NXP JN5148 protocol stacks(JenNet, ZigBee PRO, IEEE802.15.4) and can be supplied pre-programmed with a generic AT-Jenie co-ordinator/router application or with customer-supplied firmware. 
Re-programming of firmware is also supported via the USB interface.

For further information on the WG-10x-J range please contact us.

LN Systems have a proven history of product development using NXP JN51xx modules in a wide range of applications ranging from consumer to industrial. We are an accredited JADE partner with experience of ultra low-power hardware and software design at the 802.15.4 MAC protocol level as well as via the Jenie/JenNet network stack. Our expertise also encompasses the ZigBee/ZigBee PRO standard.